Chili Challenge 2005


One of the two participants goes by the name of Frans van den Bouwhuijsen. A truly unique specimen of mankind, as everyone who met him will agree. Frans is always the man to involve himself first may a challenge come along. And if one doesn't come along he will create one by himself. This way he embedded the Chili Challenge firmly in his future plans. It also is a manifestation for his love of traveling. Although he will never belie his Brabantine nature, he unquestionably is a man of the world. Many cities and places have welcomed his presence in the past. And if it wasn't by car or by foot, it most certainly would have been by bike. A bicycle tour is something for which you can impudently wake him up, he's never afraid to do a mile more.


"Although he will never belie his Brabantine nature, he unquestionably is a man of the world."


'Frans in good times'


Since Frans did a part of his study in International Business in Peru, his spanish language skills make him the person to keep in touch with the Chilean front. As a former member of the committee of the Maastricht road cycling and mountain biking club, Dutch Mountains, he has acquired a lot of experience in the cycling world. Frans used to spill his literary talent in the official club magazine by means of his role as editor. For many years one could frequently find him in a rowing boat as well. He even managed to complete the tour of the eleven cities (in the Frisian north) with this type of transport. There even was a time when tested his guts in a vertical way as a member of the climbing association Maassac.


'Frans in bad times'


One of Frans' projects in the spring of 2005 was Nabuur. The Nabuur website is about giving communities in developing countries access to resources available elsewhere. Resources like information, expertise, existing solutions and creativity. For a period of several months Frans has been working as a Process of Officer for the Nabuur organization. Find out at if you can be of help!



Frans van den Bouwhuijsen

Born on the 8th of October 1980
Currently living in Vught, The Netherlands

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Dutch Mountains

Frans van den Bouwhuijsen & Victor Niemeijer