Chili Challenge 2005


The project that Maria Ayuda offered us to sponsor will be needing substantial help that we could not generate on our own. Therefore we were depending on your participation.


In case you were interested in supporting the project, we came up with three examples of ways to make a contribution.

1. You could have sponsored the project by rewarding our 'long distance cycling achievement' itself. Every mile or kilometer we managed to overcome could be sponsored by donating, for example, € 0,01. In this way it was up to us to complete the tour, to cover as much distance as possible in one hundred days and to make sure Maria Ayuda got what they deserve. We think that sponsoring our tour per mile has helped your involvement in our efforts and in the project of Maria Ayuda. It has certainly strengthened our perseverance to endure and to complete The Challenge.

2. Our goal to reach Puerto Williams within one hundred days was not solely for the purpose of arriving in Holland to spend the Christmas holidays with our families. Now that we got to Puerto Williams in time, what a great accomplishment this was. Some people rewarded this by doubling their initial donation to Maria Ayuda. The same was possible for sponsoring our tour per mile.

3. Another way to make a contribution was to donate whatever your bank account can do without and what you feel comfortable with. Every euro cent was more than welcome and will be spent fully on necessities for the street children of Santiago de Chile. The major benefit of donating a fixed amount was the possibility for us to hand over a cheque to Maria Ayuda during our visit to Chile. We most certainly didn't want to arrive empty handed.

If you have an idea about how to sponsor Maria Ayuda in another way, we and they will be glad to hear from you.

We had opened a bank account which even added a little interest to the total sum. Now that the challenge is over, and the amount isn't building up that rapidly anymore, we've decided to make our own donation from that account to Maria Ayuda in name of all you people.



Balance on

€ 3053,34


Donors Donation Amount
Victor € 0,01/km € 68,42
Frans € 0,01/km € 68,42
Antony Liken   € 100,00
Tijmen van Dijk   € 65,00
Marloes Bijl   € 20,00
Ineke Koeten   € 100,00
Sander Niemeijer € 0,01/km € 68,42
F. Franck   € 60,00
Jan and Cora Bijl   € 20,00
David de Marez Oyens € 0,01/km € 68,42
Fam. Rodrigues de Miranda   € 25,00
Fam. van Leipsig   € 30,00
ACA Travel   € 76,00
Fam. Hoskam-Melisse   € 50,00
Chantal Bakker € 0,01/km € 70,00
Anonymous gift   € 50,00
Anonymous gift   € 50,00
Iris de Marez Oyens € 0,01/km € 68,42
Machiel and Marijke € 0,01/km € 25,00
M Bonten   € 50,00
Anonymous gift   € 20,00
Remko and Inge   € 27,81
Anonymous gift   € 200,00
Rob en Rina Niemeijer   € 100,00
Pieter Wolleswinkel € 0,015/km € 102,63
Fam. van de Weerd   € 100,00
Fam. Hoskam   € 50,00
E van Erp   € 20,00
Mrs van den Bouwhuijsen   € 20,00
Anonymous gift   € 25,00
Nienke Sweers (x2 if <100 days) € 12,50 € 25,00
Anonymous gift   € 30,00
Mrs Bartels   € 15,00
Fam. van Dam   € 30,00
A. Neefs   € 50,00
Piet en Geesje € 0,01/km € 68,42
C. vd Bouwhuysen-Roeters   € 50,00
Joost Buur   € 25,00
Luc en Irene € 0,01/km  
Wouter Godefrooij   € 25,00
Fam. van Montfoort-Peters   € 50,00
Mrs A. Kolster-Franssen   € 25,00
Yvette Kuiper   € 35,00
Maarten Bosker   € 20,00
Jan Willem Beijen   € 20,00
Parochie Edith Stein   € 188,42
Fam. Been   € 135,00
Anonymous gift   € 100,00
Sisters of Alix Leclerc   € 150,00
LAN Chile   € 41,85
Anonymous gift   € 10,00
Interest bank account   € 24,27


Total € 3053,34


We would like to thank everybody who has made a donation!! Take a look at the pictures now that we have visited the project to see for yourself in what way the donation will be spent. Of course, you can also log in to the forum for more detailled information.


Frans van den Bouwhuijsen & Victor Niemeijer