Chili Challenge 2005
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Salt flats and deserts: Antofagasta.


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"Stretching away between ocean and the great wall of the Andes, a seemingly endless belt of tawny sand, rock and mountain unfurls itself, more absloute and terrifying in its uncompromising aridity than the Sahara. The first glimpse of a strange land usually elates; but the sight of this grim desert oppresses the mind with a sense of singular desolation... It is only when the rays of the rising or setting sun kindle its sombre surface into the most gorgeous and improbable pink, purple, blue, crimson and orange that we feel the compelling fascination which all deserts exert." (Stephen Clissold, Chilean Scrapbook)

Click the days to view satellite images of the route and extensive data from our Polar watches:

Day 15 Quillagua - Maria Elena

Day 16 Maria Elena - Carmen Alto

Day 17 Carmen Alto - La Negra

Day 18 La Negra - Cerro Paranal

Day 19 Cerro Paranal - Taltal



Map of the route

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Frans van den Bouwhuijsen & Victor Niemeijer